How to flash Bios?

  2. Download & Install ATIWinflash
  3. Run as Administrator
  4. Select your Card and load new BIOS
  5. Compare if “Type” is matching – you will get error if not
  6. Hit “Program”, it’s normal that your PC freeze, just wait!
  7. After reboot download new drivers and install.
  8. All Rx4xx and 5xx will require to install Ati Pixel Patch to run properly.
  9. Reboot after patch installation.

My Cards are freezing

  1. Not all cards support my OC settings, try flashing the “normal” version instead and overclock yourself.
  2. Uninstall all video drivers with DDU and reboot to clean install new drivers.

I don’t get your estimated Hashrate

  1. Each card is different and I cannot guarantee for any Hashrate. The estimated hasrate is the avg from user reports.
  2. Check your XMR STAK intesity and make sure to run 2 THREADS for each INDEX/CARD.

I want my custom oc/uv settings flashed to bios

  1. I can also do individual bios settings, feel free to contact me.

My Card isn’t listed in your shop

  1. Contact me at info@miningbios.eu and Ill add your card asap.